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Dragonflies - Werrington

We are now using Class Dojo to share our learning with family members. If you have a login please have a look to see what we are up to in class. https://www.classdojo.com/en-gb/ 

Autumn Rainforest Topic

Some of our space powerpoint presentations.

Tudor Tuesday 21/02/17

Tudor Tuesday 21/02/17 1

Our Trip to Plymouth Aquarium January 2017

Spring Term - topic overview.

Please have a read of our topic overview to see what we will be covering in class over the next half term.



Drama in English

Drama in English 1
Drama in English 2
Drama in English 3
Drama in English 4

Zena successfully completed the maths challenge today.
The challenge rules:
Get through the maze adding the numbers you pass so you reach exactly 100 at the end
You can’t go back on yourself or through the same number twice.

Can you find any other routes that will work?





Some useful maths sites for working on mental maths calculation skills:

Welcome to the Dragonflies Class


The Dragonflies Class at Werrington consists of years 5 and 6 and it is taught by Miss Parsons. We are lucky enough to have help from our super TA Mrs Cooper as well as our HLTAs Mrs Ferris and Mrs Squire.


During the week we have lots of exciting and enjoyable learning opportunities including English, maths, science, computing, art, history and geography.   Our PE lessons on Mondays and Thursdays are great fun and we are really enjoy them.  This term we are being taught football by Plymouth Argyle too!  On Thursdays we learn Spanish and have learnt lots of words and phrases already!  We also have life skills lessons and RE each week.  Every morning we get ready for our learning by joining in a wake and shake session which helps get our brains and bodies going.


In our classroom we believe in being aspirational, in working hard to achieve our goals and in never giving up!  We are a rights respecting school and our class charter helps us to remember to respect each others' rights in class and school.



Dragonflies Class

Our Class Charter Autumn 2015

Our Class Charter Autumn 2015 1
Our Class Charter Autumn 2015 2

Wonderful work on our 'Wow' board.

Wonderful work on our 'Wow' board. 1

Art based on Arcimboldo using natural found items.

Class charter.

Pinch pots and coil pots.

Food Fact Finding

Art - making Ashanti jewellery discs from clay

Art from around the world

This term we are learning about art from all around the world.  So far we have learnt about Maori Koru art, Aboriginal art from Australia, Chinese dragons and art from Africa.  This is us making our own versions of Shekere instruments which are African musical instruments traditionally made from Gourds.

Celebrating Chinese New Year - Cooking and Dragons!

We learnt about the Chinese Spring Festival and made our own Chinese Dumplings. In our art lesson we painted Chinese Dragons.  In out RE lessons this term we are learning about creation stories and so we learnt the story of yin and yang.

Our violin lessons

Our violin lessons 1

Reading Support

Class 3 Timetable