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Science Club (W)

Miss Jeffery runs Science Club at lunchtimes on a Monday lunchtime for children in Years 1-3. Activities start at 12.30 pm so make sure you have an early lunch or you'll miss all the fun!

Easy and fun catapult to make


To make this you'll need:

7 lolly sticks

3 rubber bands

a milk bottle lid

cotton balls or other soft objects to launch

glue to stick on milk bottle lid.                                                   


Why don't you try one of these experiments?

Launch an object from the catapult and measure how far it travels each time.

Launch different objects from the catapult and measure how far each object travels.

Compare catapults. Build more than one. Launch the same object from each catapult and measure how far it travels.

Stable structures

Have you ever tried to make a structure with marshmallows and spaghetti? We have! It wasn't as easy as the instructions suggested. We had to snap some pieces of spaghetti and use them to connect the marshmallows together. We discovered that a cube shape was the best structure. Do you know why? What would happen if you tried to make a pyramid structure? Would these be strong too?

Rocket mice

First we made a mouse from a cone of paper. Then we added ears, eyes and a tail. We put our mice on the top of a plastic milk bottle and prepared to send them off into space. Using both hands we hit the bottle with both hands and watched our mice shoot up into the air. Our next step is to discover how far our mice can travel. Do you think the size of the bottle is important? Should you use a small or large mouse? What do you think?

Floating Ball Game

We made this game and thought you might like to try it at home.

You will need: thick paper, bendy plastic straws, blu tac, foil and sticky tape


1 Cut out a circle from the thick paper. Make a cut into the middle, then bend the sides around until you have a cone shape. Stick the cone together.

2 Cut a small piece off the end of the cone to make a hole.

3 Push the short end of the bendy straw into the hole. Then cut a length off the bottom of the straw.

4 Wrap the blu tac around the bendy part of the straw. Slide the straw down through the cone until it is resting on the bottom of the cone. The blu tac will seal up the hole.

5 Make a ball out of the foil, it needs to be about the size of a grape.

6 Put the ball in the cone. Bend the end of the straw and blow!

Can you catch the ball in the cone?