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Who's Who - Including information about Governance

Come and meet the staff and governors working for our federation.  Some of our staff work in both schools,  while others work only in one school. We have one local governing advisory body across both schools in the federation.


We have used the following key to inform you where staff work:

NP - North Petherwin Primary School

W - Werrington Community Primary School

Miss Callow - Executive Headteacher across the Federation

Mr Phillpotts - Head of School across the Federation

Mr Hudson -  Ladybirds teacher W (EYFS)

Miss Abbott - Class 1 teacher NP (EYFS, Year 1 & 2)

Mrs Thunming - Class 2 teacher NP (Years 3 & 4)

Mrs Buckthought - Butterflies Class teacher W (Years 1, 2 & 3)

Mrs Godwin - Class 3 teacher NP (Years 5 & 6) SENDCO coordinator for Federation

Miss Parsons - Dragonflies teacher W (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Mrs Hosking - Intervention Teacher across both schools

Mrs Sharpe - Ladybirds Class teacher W (FYFS) On maternity leave

Mrs F. Gubbin - TA (Teaching Assistant) NP Class 1 and 2

Mrs Squire - HLTA Class 1 NP &W

Mrs Ashley - HLTA Class 3 NP

Mrs Tyzack - TA W Dragonflies

Mrs Dauncey - TA W Butterflies

Mrs Cooper - TA W  All classes

Mrs Johns - Nursery Manager NP & W

Miss Edwards - Nursery Deputy Manager NP & W

Mrs Greene - Nursery Assistant NP

Mrs Jones - Nursery Assistant NP

Mrs L. Gubbin- Nursery Assistant W

Miss Curtis - PE teacher NP&W

Miss Parkes - Apprentice NP&W

Mrs Barnard - School Secretary NP

Mrs Mason -  School Secretary W

Mrs Wenden - School Cook NP

Miss Gregory - Lunchtime Servery Assistant W

Mrs Carter - School Cleaner NP

Mr Butcher - School Cleaner W


The Local Governing Advisory Body for the Federation

Every school has a Governing Body, consisting of specified numbers of various categories of governors depending on the type and size of school.

The governing body help schools provide the best possible education for their pupils. They have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of:

  • setting strategic direction to help raise standards
  • ensuring accountability to all stakeholders for the school's overall performance and for the decisions they have made
  • monitoring and evaluating school performance and progress towards the school's priorities and targets

They support the Headteacher and staff as well as challenging their expectations.

Our federated governing body is responsible for Werrington School and North Petherwin Primary Schools and consists of 10 governors (2 parents, 2 staff, 1 associate and 5 co-opted).


North Petherwin and Werrington Primary Schools Local Governing Body
Category of Governor Governor Term end date
Staff Jan Buckthought 21/10/2020
Parent Joanna Carlton 15/07/2020
Co-opted Demelza Gunn 11/02/2020
Staff (Head of School) Jonny Philpotts ex-officio
Parent Sharon Sadler 15/07/2020
Co-opted Nicola Taylor 25/01/2020
Co-opted Marilyn Vacara 25/01/2021
Co-opted Bill Willis 11/02/2020


Governor Links 2016-17


Jo Carlton – Literacy

Bill Willis – H&S, Premises (incl. budget), Data

Sharon Sadler – Safeguarding

Mala Vacara – SEND

Nick Taylor – Maths Progress, attendance

Jan Buckthought – Early Years

Demelza Gunn – Visible Learning


E-Safety: Sharon Sadler, Nick Taylor


Rights Respecting School:  Nick Taylor, Mala Vacara









Minute taker


Headteacher’s Performance Management


Headteacher’s PM Appeal


Nick Taylor




Any three Governors as appropriate and available.


External Adviser



Pay Committee



Nick Taylor

Sally Cooksey

Jo Carlton




Personnel / Staff Dismissal and

Pupil Discipline


Any three Governors as appropriate and available.                 




 Caroline Stone






Any three Governors as appropriate and available




Caroline Stone


Attendance Records at Board Meetings

LGB Pecuniary Interests January 2017

ADMAT Governance Decision Planner 2016 and ADMAT LGAB ToR and SoD Community

Annual Governance Statement 2016