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Welcome to Class 3!


Class 3 comprises of the year groups 4, 5 and 6. Our full-time teacher is Mrs Godwin. Mrs Ashley is our wonderful HLTA, who helps us in class every morning and also teaches us Spanish on a Wednesday afternoon.


 We are a class that enjoys interactive lessons that inspire our creativity and learning. As in previous years, we play a very active role in our topics and choose what we learn. 


We all have different talents and we like to share those with each other. We are a very musical class. Many of us are learning instruments including the violin, drums, recorder, keyboard and saxophone.


Our learning powers: Curiosity, collaborative, reflective, resilient and independent! Ask me which learning power I have used today!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone and Learning Links pages? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!



Harriet Culpepper calls us!

Still image for this video
The main character from Brightstorm called us today.

Wild Tribe linked to the Native Americans

We were lucky enough to get a visit from the Betty Bus! This bus tours the UK and Ireland teaching boys and girls in year 5 and above about their body changes and periods. We had a great session on the bus where we spoke openly about periods and had little team challenges! There was even a ball pit!

Class Charter

Class Charter 1 The Class 3 Charter
The class charter is signed by all of the children and adults that work in the class. It is an agreement that sets out what is expected of children and adults in class 3 to help them respect each other's rights  as learners and members of the school community. The charter is based on articles from the Convention of the Rights of the Child, which outlines the rights that all children should have. We have created it as part of our work towards the Rights Respecting Schools Award.

Designing flags and stamps with our family!

As part of our Commonwealth topic we have been looking at flags and stamps from the different commonwealth countries. Following on from this, we invited our parents/carers into school to help us design a flag or stamp that represented our family. It was a real success. Check out the pictures above!

Making Healthy Sandwiches

In DT for the topic 'Where our food goes' we designed and made our own healthy sandwiches. We tasted a variety of breads, fillings and sauces which enabled us to design a healthy sandwich. The possibilities were endless and we had almost any fillings including bacon! Obviously the bacon was cooked in low calorie oil spray!


We used the correct equipment to make the sandwiches and also produced packaging! We enjoyed eating the end product!

Multi-sports at Launceston College

Class Displays

Class Displays 1
Class Displays 2
Class Displays 3

The above pictures show our 'Wonderful Word Wall', the' Class Dragon' and our Polar Bear Adoption documents!


When we find great words in books we type them up with a definition. This way we can use them in our own writing.


As the topic this term is 'Let's Go Green' we have adopted a Polar Bear. We will look at how our money will help protect them and why they need protecting.

Literacy: This term (Spring 2014) we are using the book 'A Field Guide to Dragons' for our literacy. We applied for jobs with the S.A.S.D (The Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists). Following this we reassembled bones for the North Petherwin Museum and we have even been out Dragon hunting! On our hunt we discovered new species of Dragons and are creating fact-files to accompany them. Keep an eye out for our great work here!

Building Dragons for our Fact-files

After applying for the position of Dragonologist at the S.A.S.D we got through to the interview process. As well as being punctual, polite and well dressed, we had a number of tasks to complete. Firstly, we were given dragon bones which we re-assembled and this was followed by a dragon hunting expedition. It was muddy and scary but we discovered 12 new dragon species and their eggs. A job well done!

Dragon hunting for the S.A.S.D

In Art, we have been working together to create a huge dragon for display. It took rather a long time to stick the individual scales onto the wings. Watch this space....... once it is displayed on the wall we will upload a final picture.

Class 3's Pet Dragon!

Class 3's Pet Dragon! 1
Class 3's Pet Dragon! 2
Class 3's Pet Dragon! 3
Class 3's Pet Dragon! 4
Class 3's Pet Dragon! 5
Class 3's Pet Dragon! 6
Class 3's Pet Dragon! 7
As well as having weekly music lessons, Music Cornwall visit us several times a year and we have music workshops that are great fun! Have a look at the photos below, they are of our music lessons and the latest music workshop. In this workshop we made some stormy music to reflect the weather we have been experiencing lately!

We are a musical bunch!

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