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Welcome to Ladybirds!


We are a Foundation Stage Unit mixed with Year 1 children. Our class teacher is Mrs Sharpe and we work with our fabulous nursery team Rebecca Johns (Nursery Manager), Lucy Edwards and Laura Gubbin.  We also have a teaching assistant Mrs Tyzack helping in our class.  As well as having a large, airy room to learn in, we have two outdoor areas in which to learn through play during the day.


Every day is filled with opportunities for Learning Through Play. We have lots of activities to develop our literacy and maths learning as well as learning our initial letter sounds in phonics and trying hard to mark make in the role play area.  Our class topics help us to learn all about the world around us through artistic and creative activities.

Spring 2017

Autumn 2016


Stop watches

Stop watches 1
Stop watches 2
Stop watches 3
Stop watches 4
Stop watches 5

We're going on a bear hunt!

We're going on a bear hunt! 1

Christmas dress rehersal

Christmas dress rehersal 1
Christmas dress rehersal 2
Christmas dress rehersal 3
Christmas dress rehersal 4
Christmas dress rehersal 5

Ginger bread men

Ginger bread men 1
Ginger bread men 2
Ginger bread men 3
Ginger bread men 4
Ginger bread men 5

SPaG morning

SPaG morning 1
SPaG morning 2

Potion making

Potion making 1
Potion making 2
Potion making 3
Potion making 4
Potion making 5

Recent events

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A big welcome to Patch and Bertie

A big welcome to Patch and Bertie 1
A big welcome to Patch and Bertie 2
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Class 1 Homework Menu Summer Term 2015

Our Remembrance work

Our Remembrance work 1
Our Remembrance work 2
Our Remembrance work 3

Just before the end of the summer term we studied aspects of family life 1914. We discovered that there were many differences between homes now and in the past. We found many of the things we take for granted were missing from the homes of the past. We studied old coins and were surprised to discover many that we never heard of and some that we still use today. The size of the coins shocked us, they were really big and heavy!


Listening to a play called 'Archie Dobson's war' we made discoveries about WW1 and how everyone was affected. The statue at Paddington Station inspired us to write letters explaining how much we missed members of our family and how we hoped they would come back in one piece. We are all very thankful that we are alive now and not in those troubled times.


Dinosaurs 1
During our topic we were surprised to discover how many creatures are nolonger alive today. This made us think about other animals in danger. We were surprised to learn about such creatures from their fossil remains.

Our classroom

Our classroom 1
Our classroom 2
Our classroom 3

We have been very busy in Class one this month.


To honour St. Piran's Day we acted out and retold the tale before writing the myth in our own words. Reception children enjoyed making St Piran's Day flags after discovering that the colours black and white represent Cornish rocks and tin.


On Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes in the afternoon. We tested different pancake mixtures to see which made the best pancakes. To our surprise they all tasted great! In fact we couldn't get enough of them! We had lots of fillings to pick from: lemon and sugar, honey, golden syrup, or banana. We made block graphs to show our favourite fillings; surprisingly lemon and sugar proved to be the most popular. Some of us went on to write instructions about how to make pancakes, we remembered to include lists of equipment and ingredients before using bossy verbs in each step of the instructions.


Finally, we all dressed up for World Book Day last Friday. We shared our favourite stories with each other, made book marks and wrote book reviews to encourage our friends to read our favourite stories at home.

Pancake making

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

Class One Firefighters

We had such great fun with the project loan box from the Firestation that we thought you like to see us in training! We practised attending traffic accidents involving scooters and putting out fires in the role play corner. All firefighters must be able to use a ladder and a pole, look at how well we are doing! Some of us even tried to use the construction toys to build our own fire engines.

Pictures of patterns made during maths

This week we have been exploring patterns using different 2D shapes, small sorting toys, threading frogs and peg boards. The children were very good at starting each pattern on the left; as confidence grew they became more complex with peers challenging each other to complete the pattern. As you can see from the photos we were all very proud of our maths!

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