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School Parliament

In September 2016 North Petherwin and Werrington Schools moved to a School Parliament System

to enable pupils to have a greater voice in the overall running of the school. The parties are Communications, Environment, Education and Health and Wellbeing. Every child sits on one of the parties. An MP has been appointed to lead on each of these areas.

North Petherwin Parliament 2017-18

In September 2017, the year 6 pupils at North Petherwin came together to discuss who would fill the roles of ministers for the Parliament committees. Pupils gave a speech detailing why they would be suitable for the position. Following pupil speeches and discussions, the pupils chose who would take on new roles.

Education Minister: Erin 

Communications Minister: Matthew

Health and Well-being Minister: Ritchie 

Environment Minister: Mya 


Parliament Ministers at North Petherwin

Parliament Ministers at North Petherwin 1

North Petherwin Pupil News Spring 2018 (created by the Communications Committee)

North Petherwin - Notes from Parliament Meetings

School Council

  • Both schools have a school council consisting of representatives from each of the school year groups, who are voted for by a paper ballot at the start of each academic year.

    Each school council meets regularly to discuss any problems or ideas that involve school life.  Children are encouraged to set good examples and take ownership for their good behaviour. To collect the views of their fellow pupils, suggestion boxes are used, the contents of which are discussed at each meeting. 

    The governing body value input from the School Council and invite them to meet with the Governing Body annually. Their suggestions or ideas can be passed on through the staff governors at other times of the year.


    Please read below the minutes from School Council meetings from both schools.


 Meeting 9 Minutes North Petherwin 2016

The school council had lots of suggestions today for improving playtimes. They have requested more equipment to play with. We discussed the safety aspects of having lots of basketballs out and decided that the children would like to create a rota so that certain classes are allowed to play with equipment on set days.  Another suggestion was to have a quiet area that children could go and sit in during playtimes. It was decided that the shelter would be a sensible place. They also requested some tag rugby belts. Children are going to ask Mrs Ferris if we could use the PE budget to order some.

The new morning routine was also discussed. All of the school council representatives were very positive about having wake and shake earlier. Miss Callow suggested having it at a different time of day but the children all felt that this would not then be waking them up to prepare them for their day of learning. Miss Callow asked if they found the mornings quite busy in school and the children said that sometimes when parents stayed in the hall there was limited space to dance. They all felt that it would be a good idea to ask parents if they would mind dropping them off at the school door rather than coming into the building. As only the representatives have been involved in this discussion Miss Callow has asked the school council representatives to go back to class council to see how the majority of the children in the school feel about the suggested changes before a final decision is made.

Meeting 8

North Petherwin and Werrington

Both school councils have met with Chartwells again this week to discuss all the positive aspects of school dinners which they would like to keep and where things could be improved. They also discussed how the new initiatives were going since the last time the school councils met with Chartwells.

The children were positive about the changes made including offering an alternative to fish and chips on a Friday and the introduction of plates in some classes. The children requested that the cheese for jacket potatoes is sliced in the future rather than grated and that the meat is cut thinly.


Focus: School Council Meeting - Werrington


Date: 14.3.16      


Led by: LH



Pupil comments and feedback









Pupils from KS2 made requests for-


Playground improvements projects:

Bigger playhouse

Painted games on playground

New sand/sand tray


Grounds improvement:

Re-establish pond to be useable

Something to be done with castle


Procedure improvements:

Set up buddy partnerships between yr6 and reception

Buddy bench set up in playground

Yr6 lunches – smaller than KS1 as they go last

More maths games for class


Pupils from KS1 made requests for-


Playground improvements:

Camps on playground

Pedal cars



Grounds improvements:

Sensory trails

Lower monkey bars


Procedures improvements:

Take care of our school signs to be put up y children

Art day for whole school to work together

Class competitions



Follow up actions


  • School Council to meet with  Chartwells re school lunch issues
  • Requests for Buddy Bunch and playground equipment to go to FOWSA
  • School Council to organise fundraising event
  • LH to organise buddies
  • Science Lead (FJ) to organise sensory trail and class competition
  • School team to organise art session for school houses for summer term

Meeting 6 North Petherwin 2016

Children suggested that they dress up as characters from books for World Book Day .Representatives from class two asked if it would be possible to re decorate their classroom. Miss Callow will take this request to the directors. It was suggested that each class takes one term of the school year to lead the dance routines for Wake and Shake. It was suggested that each class have a thinking corner where they can go in class when they wish to work alone. Miss Callow to pass on to teachers. They also requested a cooking club. Miss Callow to see if there are any volunteers to run a cooking club in the summer term. Safeguarding was also discussed. The school council representatives said that they felt safe in school and all felt they could approach an adult in school if they were worried about anything. Representatives will discuss safety with their classes and feedback at the next school council meeting. 

Meeting 5 Minutes North Petherwin 2016

Suggestions included more equipment for keeping active during playtimes including basketballs, hula-hoops and soft balls. They would also really like two football goals and will ask the PTFA if they would be willing to fund this.


The children would like to start a cooking club and a gymnastics club. They are going to speak to the teachers.

The children also suggested buying leavers jumpers for the year sixes in July. Miss Callow to investigate.

They would also like to order more I-Pads as they use these a great deal in their learning.

We discussed the playground charter. Children had lots of good ideas. We are hoping to write these suggestions on a blackboard to put on the playground for all to see.


Meeting 5 Minutes Werrington 2016

Suggestions included repairing the playhouse on the playground, putting new playground markings on the playground and cleaning the school pond. Once the pond is clean the children would like to start a gardening club.

FOWSA suggested creating an art gallery of children's work. The school council thought this was a good idea. They would like to buy frames to put their art work in and set up a gallery in the school hall. Relatives would then be invited to visit the gallery.

The children discussed the Olympics and would like to do a topic in the summer term linked to the Olympics. They are going to speak to their teachers about their ideas.

The school council wrote a letter to Mr Neal thanking him for donating a Christmas tree to the school.

The children also discussed the idea of building a dome on the playground out of Willow. 

The children would also like new desks in class with lift up lids that they could store things in. Miss Callow will look at what is available and affordable.


Representatives from the school council at both North Petherwin and Werrington carried out some monitoring in their respective schools.

The focus was on evidence and understanding of the CRC and children's rights. 

The findings were positive and the school council found lots of evidence showing children's knowledge and understanding of the CRC. The findings will be shared with the RRSA steering committee.

Meeting 4 Minutes North Petherwin 2015

School council met with a representative from Chartwells to discuss what they currently feel is positive about school meals and where they felt they could be improved. One suggestion was to ensure that the vegetarian option is always available as on occasions there has only been jacket potato. The representative ensured the children that this would be passed on. Since the meeting there has always been a vegetarian option available. They also reported back on portion sizes and other options for meal. Chartwells are looking into these suggestions.

Meeting 4 Minutes Werrington 2015

The school council would like to set up a buddy system so that reception and KS 1 pupils have a names person that they can approach if they are worried or need help. Miss Callow will organise children into pairs. They would like to take part in wear a christmas jumper day as part of the Text Santa appeal. This will go out on this weeks newsletter. Concerns were raised again about school dinners in relation to portion sizes for year 6 pupils. Miss Callow will speak to the cook. School council to remind the rest of the school in assembly about using the equipment properly. Requests were made for new playground markings, bouncy hoppers, a blackboard and wind chimes on the playground and football goals. The younger pupils said that they would like the older children to teach them playground games during lunchtimes. Finally the children also said that they would like a friendship bench. Miss Callow to ask FOWSA if they would be willing to fund this.

Meeting 3 Minutes North Petherwin 2015

Planned Children in Need. Children spoke to their classes and came back with a number of suggestions. The school council decided on the theme wearing pyjamas and bringing in a teddy bear.

Meeting 3 Minutes Werrington 2015

Planned Children in Need. Children spoke to their classes and came back with different ideas which they discussed. They felt some were too ambitious for a school day including sponsored cycle / run.

After much debate the school council eventaully decided that as children in Need fell on the same day as the Aspiration fayre they would like to come in dressed up as what they would like to be when they grow up

Meeting 2 Minutes North Petherwin 2015

Children discussed playtimes and some new equipment that they would like.

One pupil also bought in a photograph of a friendship bench and suggested that we have one on the playground. It was suggested that we ask the PTFA if they would be able to buy a friendship bench for the playground. (The PTFA have since agreed to buy a friendship bench).

Meeting 2 Minutes Werrington 2015

School council met with a representative from Chartwells to discuss the things they currently feel are positive about school meals and where they could be improved. One suggestion was to have plates and bowls rather than flight trays. Children also fed back on meal options and ingredients e.g. some meals being too cheesy. All these suggestions will be fed back to Chartwells and they will consider where improvements can be made. (Chartwells have since provided plates and bowls).

Meeting  1 Minutes North Petherwin 2015

Voted on chair (James Y6) and secretary (Amy Y5).  

Discussed playtimes and peer mediators and how this could be improved with regards to equipment. The school council then fed back to the whole school in assembly.

Children also discussed golden time and the majority of children felt that they would rather have an extended golden time at the end of term then have this weekly. As a result of this meeting the behaviour policy will be reviewed.

Meeting 1 Minutes Werrington 2015

Voted on chair (Beth Y6) and secretary (Poppy Y5).

Discussed playtimes. Children have reported that they feel football is dominating the playground. It was agreed that a football rota would be set up so that football is played three days a week rather than everyday.