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School Uniform

We believe that it is important that children should wear comfortable, safe and sensible clothing and that school uniform provides a sense of belonging and a feeling of pride.  Children are required to wear appropriate school uniform as listed below for each school.


School fleece / sweatshirts / reading bags / swim bags, bearing the relevant school name and emblem can be purchased from the relevant school office.


Children should not wear jewellery or nail varnish.  Watches and stud earrings only may be worn.

It is strongly advisable to ensure that your child’s uniform and belongings are labelled with their name.

For activities outside school premises eg. school trips, the uniform is expected to be worn, unless otherwise stated.



A bag containing:

  • Black Shorts - W / Navy Shorts - NP
  • White T-shirt
  • Tracksuit for the winter
  • Change of shoes - plimsols or trainers

All to be left in school on the child's peg throughout the term and taken home for washing at the end of term.



A bag containing: 

  • A clean, dry towel.
  • An all-in-one swimming costume/trunks.