Class 1

Welcome to Class 1
Hello and a very warm welcome from Class One! We are a Foundation Stage class made up of Nursery and Reception children. Our teacher is  Mrs Becky Johns and we have four other staff members who work across the week; Mrs Laura Gubbin, Mrs Gaby Hunt, Mrs Claire Griffin and Miss Lucy Edwards. 

We are lucky to have a fantastic classroom space enabling us to explore and learn through our play. Our environment evolves and develops alongside the children's interests to ensure we are happy, confident and curious learners. Playful learning experiences are planned at key times of the day which help us to expand and consolidate our knowledge. In school we support all our children to develop their skills in becoming independent, resilient, collaborative and reflective in all they do. Our children are encouraged to see mistakes as opportunities to learn and to thrive when challenged. 
Our Learning
We use the children's interests as well as seasonal changes, stories, celebrations and events to guide any themes we want to persue. This term we will be focussing on learning about ourselves and each other, our families, friends and community. We will be noticing signs of Autumn and begin to discover the wonders of nature's treasure. 
Phonics is a big part of our early years curriculum and we have fun phonics sessions everyday. We want your child to develop a love of reading which is why we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme. We teach the children simple ways of remembering sounds and letters through the use of rhymes, pictures and games. Your child will bring home books linked to the sounds, and then further down the line, texts that we read in class. As well as this we visit our beautiful library as much as possible to choose books of interest to share with you.
Curriculm Information
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