Curriculum Overview

We aim for our pupils to develop lively enquiring minds, have a love of learning, the ability to question, make decisions and to think and act for themselves. We like to develop the whole child recognising their individual strengths.

At our schools we provide a broad, engaging and enriching curriculum and have a creative approach to the National Curriculum. Teaching and learning takes place in a stimulating environment both inside and outside of the classroom. The children are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning through the focused teaching of life and thinking skills. Subjects are taught through whole class teaching, group work and individual tasks. The children participate in activities that involve both independent and collaborative learning. 

We welcome all children and will meet their needs in a caring and positive way. We are inclusive schools where all pupils are valued and we recognise that they all learn in different ways. Some pupils may require additional support and some may benefit from extension activities, such as gifted and talented children. Our aim is the inclusion of all children in a broad and balanced curriculum.

Special Educational Needs are identified and met with Individual Education Plans which are followed when appropriate. All work is planned using differentiation to meet the needs of all children, who are set challenging half-termly learning targets. Teachers plan cross-curricular topics to enable the children to make links in their learning and to provide a stimulating and interesting basis that motivates the children to learn and have fun. These cross-curricular themes are planned across each school and the children take part in the planning of their learning which encourages their enjoyment of it.

We aim to provide opportunities where the children are excited to learn and can reach their full potential. The learning of many of the subjects are supported by incorporating visitors in to school or by trips beyond the school. Each term brings a special learning day for the pupils across the federation that links to and celebrates that term's learning themes.

Our curriculum is a continually evolving and changing one which reflects the changes that were brought in with the New National Curriculum in September 2014.


At both Werrington and North Petherwin, each class has a daily literacy lesson through which children are taught about different text types, reading and writing skills. There is also an additional daily SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) lesson. Teachers teach sequences based around a chosen text and the children learn about the features of that text type. These blocks of learning each incorporate the opportunity for extended writing. Teachers also plan for cross-curricular activities that allow the children to apply their literacy learning independently in other subject areas. At Werrington teachers use RWI to teach early reading and writing. Pupils in each school also have access to many wonderful stage appropriate books are encouraged to take books home to practice reading skills learnt at school. 


Pupils have a daily maths lesson based on the national curriculum but taught through Maths Ladders. In addition to this we provide opportunities for problem solving outside of the maths lessons, making cross-curricular links with other subjects such as computing, science and design technology. These activities help to encourage enquiring minds and also enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Knowledge and understanding

Children learn in a cross-curricular way with topics based around science, history or geography themes. Each term different skills are taught and developed as well as building on the children's knowledge and understanding of concepts in each subject. Opportunities to use and develop ICT skills are planned in to support the pupils' learning in all areas. Teachers plan carefully across the school to ensure that the curriculum is challenging and that there is clear progression of the skills learnt and applied by the children. Trips, visitors and special events are planned to engage the children and celebrate their learning.

Creative Development

The creative arts aim to bring the whole curriculum together to provide stimulating, enjoyable teaching and learning. The children will be engaged in activities that develop their skills and understanding of a wide range of artistic skills, they will learn about artists are their work both from the past and contemporary artists. They will participate in designing and making projects which will encourage them to hone a range of skills and evaluate their products. Within this area of the curriculum, the children will also take part in musical and drama activities such as weekly music lessons where they cover all aspects of music including composing, performing and playing instruments. At present North Petherwin KS2 pupils are learning the guitar and KS2 pupils at Werrington are learning the violin. Private lessons for violin and drums are also available from Cornwall Music Service within the school day.

Physical Education

Children from both schools receive a full programme of swimming lessons from reception age. Each week specialist PE teachers from ARENA and PAFC come into school to teach the children a full range of skills and sports. After school clubs encourage the children to continue to think about developing healthy lifestyles.

Modern Foreign Languages

Pupils participate and enjoy Spanish teaching in both schools right from Reception age.


We have a daily act of collective worship where the whole school comes together to reflect on moral issues and to celebrate achievement. RE is taught in every year group. We adhere to the Cornwall agreed syllabus for RE which includes learning about a range of world religions.


In addition to the core and foundation curriculum subjects, pupils receive P.S.H.E or Personal, Social, Health and Sex and Relationships Education. . We provide children with basic knowledge and understanding of health and sexual matters at the appropriate stages to meet their developing needs. This is introduced as a natural part of growing up, so that they can make informed decisions in their lives. Parents will be given advanced information when this area is to be covered.

Pastoral Care

We aim to help our pupils to develop their social, emotional and behavioural skills. We strive to improve their self-esteem and confidence and be happy individuals who will be able to cope with whatever life delivers. We get to know our pupils well and create a culture of rewarding achievement and good behaviour. All pupils are members of one of our four houses (Crooklets, Widemouth, Duckpool and Summerleaze). Pupils earn house points as a reward for achievement and effort. Achievements are published in our weekly newsletters.

Each class teacher is responsible for the pastoral care of their pupils with the Headteacher having overall responsibility.

See below for information on how we enrich our pupils' learning through lots of additional activities such as trips, visitors to the school, sporting events, workshops led by experts and parent open sessions.

Visit each class page to find out in more detail what the children are currently learning.

Should you require any further information or more detail about our school curriculum, please get in touch or arrange a visit to see the curriculum in action!

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