January 2021

6th January 2021

Dear parents
Our staff have been working incredibly hard over the last few days to prepare home learning. During the Christmas period they had already planned face-to-face learning and have now had to switch to on-line at the 11th hour! Credit to them for their hard work, dedication and patience.

As you know, we will be offering a mixture of on-line learning with worksheets, tasks and of course some live content for the pupils over the next few weeks/months (who knows how long this will be).

We are inevitably going to have a few snags especially in the first few days - please bear with us and let us know what isn't working. We need the children to access learning every day - this is really important for them and we do not want anything to prevent that. We understand that there maybe the odd session that is missed (things happen at home) but in the main we want the children engaging every day. This is not the best situation we all know that but we want to make the best of this situation.
Please let me or your teacher know if things aren't working. I have a fabulous staff and they want the best for our pupils.

Hope everyone is keeping safe.
Mr P