At both Werrington and North Petherwin we are very lucky to have many different areas for a wide variety of sports and brilliant links with the wider community to give us extra experiences in physical development. This has the added bonus of meeting and mixing with other peers in the area. We have fantastic links with Launceston college who offer a varied range of extra curricular activities which we take full advantage of.

Children from both schools receive a full programme of swimming lessons from reception age. Each week specialist PE teachers come into school to teach the children a full range of skills and sports. We use the latest technology to support our learning and to help assess our progress. We have a wide range of equipment such as iPads for following our progress and seeing ways we can improve in our abilities to Pulse Oximeters to map our fitness progress. We also learn about many different genres of Sport and physical education. This is linked with Healthy Lifestyles and well being all wrapped up in the holistic approach.

After school clubs encourage the children to continue to think about developing healthy lifestyles. A varied range of clubs are offered throughout the year that are accessible to all the children. Examples of which are Multi Skills, Cricket, Dance and Football. Please visit the clubs page to see what they have been up to.

In a competition set for the children they have come up with the Vision Statement for our Schools.
Our Vision Statement
      P.E is about never giving up. 
            P.E is important because it teaches us to include others and build up courage to learn to participate.
All Sports Club

The All Sports after school club at Werrington was a great success. Children had lots of fun using the parachute and playing team games.

This Wednesday we will be using all the gym equipment to plan balance routines and develop our skills in Gym.

Thankyou to all the children for their hard work and commitment. It was lovely to see so many of you attending.
Development Plans