Red Hand Day

At North Petherwin School we have taken part in Red Hand Day. This day is about raising awareness and trying to help to stop the practice of using child soldiers around the World.
Did you know that there are over 250,000 child soldiers in the World, with one third of these being girls? Most of these children are aged between 15 and 18, however, there are many that are as young as 9. This is horrifying for the children; they are treated badly and have very little food and water. Children are forced to become child soldiers or some join voluntarily because of empty promises.

The consequences of this include death, injuries which can lead to life-long disabilities and post-traumatic stress, which affects the children’s personalities.

With our red hands, we are saying STOP CHILD SOLDIERS! To us, the red represents both stop and the blood of the child soldiers.

Our parents joined in and showed their support too; after all if we were in some of these countries, we could possibly be child soldiers.

Finally, we will be sending our red handprints off to Parliament to raise further awareness. Can we all work together to achieve article 38 - protect children from conflicts and stop child soldiers?