Who's Who

Come and meet the staff and governors working for our federation.  Some of our staff work in both schools, while others work only in one school. We have one local governing advisory board across both schools in the federation.

Mr Jon Phillpotts

Head of School across the Federation

Mrs Amanda Mason

School Secretary

Mrs Becky Johns

Ladybirds Nursery Manager

Miss Lucy Edwards

Ladybirds Nursery Deputy Manager

Mrs Laura Gubbin

Ladybirds Nursery Assistant

Mrs Zoe Sefton

Ladybirds Nursery Assistant

Miss Tegan Small

Ladybirds Class Teacher EYFS Years 1 & 2

Miss Kerri Andrew

Butterflies Class Teacher Years 3 & 4

Mrs Jan Buckthought

Dragonflies Class Teacher Years 5 & 6

Mrs Nicola Hosking

Intervention Teacher

Mrs Tanya Dauncey

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Laura Roberts

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Laura Cooper


Miss Tiffany Atkinson

Teaching Assistant

Mr Steven Jones


Mr Steve Butcher

School Cleaner