Art and Design

Our Rolling Program for Art and Design is tailored to mixed-age classes and our knowledge and skills progression document shows how we teach the knowledge and skills for this subject. 


Nurturing and inspiring creativity in all children.

We actively encourage our children to develop artistic awareness and acquire skills, knowledge and understanding to express individual ideas. Teaching ensures that ‘investigating and making’ includes ‘exploring and developing ideas’ and ‘evaluating and developing’ work. Pupils will apply their ‘knowledge and understanding’ throughout each process.


Pupils are taught a variety of knowledge and skills through a three- year rolling programme. We want to enable all pupils to feel able to think and act creatively. That means exploring all aspects of creativity: personal and social, exploring art for a variety of reasons, in a variety of contexts.

Most importantly, it means enjoying the journey, so that pupils want to engage in creative activities, and so that they can grow to appreciate and value the importance of art as a highly subjective and individual experience, but one which is capable of bringing people together.

Art is also a vehicle for the pupils to explore how it has reflected and shaped our history, and contributed to the culture, creativity and wealth of the nation.


Assessment is viewed as building a picture over time of a child's learning progress across the curriculum and is viewed as an integral part of teaching and learning.  

Assessment for learning (AFL) and Visible Learning underpin all learning. A variety of feedback is used to inform the pupils about their learning so that they become more involved in their own learning and from this gain confidence in what they are expected to learn and how to progress it further. 

Core success criteria and learning intentions are used to track pupils understanding of their learning.

Pupil Retrieval Practices include: 

KWL grids, quizzes, concept/ mind maps, questioning, success criteria, learning intentions and pupil targets. 

Whole School Tracking and Progress 

We use iTRACK which is the online pupil tracking software that uses powerful data analysis to track pupil progress and attainment in real time.