Sustainability & Climate Change

Creating a better future through our Sustainability Curriculum

At North Petherwin and Werrington School we hope to inspire in our pupils a life-long passion and ambition to improve our environment, to work to reverse climate change and to take care and responsibility for their own actions. We will provide opportunities to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the importance of nature, sustainability and the causes and impact of climate change and to translate this knowledge into positive action and solutions.


 Pupils will learn 

  •   to be passionate about the natural world
  •   to want do their best to protect it
  •   to  influence their wider communities


 We ensure that our children are given opportunities to develop age-appropriate knowledge and understanding through a well-planned and delivered curriculum. 

Our actions:

  •   Teaching pupils about the impact of humans on our climate and environment, including how this endangers many species of animals and leads to climate disasters. 
  •   National and Global Climate news will shared through lessons, Collective Worship and Picture News assemblies.  
  •   All pupils will take part in one geography climate focused theme topic a year.
  •   Through our collective worship and RE teaching, we explore many aspects of awe, wonder and spirituality with the children and how religion promotes taking care of the world and the animals in it.
  •   We will provide many enrichment activities to inspire pupil to courageous advocacy for example by taking part in global and national campaigns and through meeting climate ambassadors.
  •   In science, we will explore the issues and solutions around climate change and environmental damage.
  •   Initiatives to increase active and safe travel to school to improve wellbeing and reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality: Walk to School week. 
  •   We will teach the pupils care and responsibility through working outside in our own grounds to plant and compost, as well as attend annually the Woodlands Centre to learn about climate issues.
  •   As a school, we will aim to reduce waste – paper, food, plastics and energy and will explore options for funding more sustainable sources for energy. 
  •   An active Pupil Parliament promoting actions to support sustainability and improve our environment.
  •   Parental communication is mainly online this includes newsletters and Class Dojo updates to reduce paper wastage.
  •   Reducing food wastage by parents ordering school lunches via Edsupot.
  •   Further development of our school grounds through funding, e.g. Youth/Town Council, to support climate change and sustainability learning and projects.