Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 (Year 1, 2 and 3)
Our teacher is Mrs Thumning.
Our TA is Mrs Gubbin.
Mrs Hosking teaches intervention groups.
We are a bunch of Independent Iguanas, Collaborative Collies, Resilient Rhinos, Curious Chimpanzees and Reflective Raccoons!
We are capable! We learn about our capabilities to help us: manage our feelings; communicate effectively; plan and problem solve; be creative; be resilient and determined; be confident and to help us know about relationships and leadership.
We rock in our school shoes!

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Summer Term 1 2022
In Science we learned that all things are made from atoms and that all things can be classified as solids, liquids or gases. We learned that solids have a fixed shape and that liquids and gases do not.
We played the 'atom game', grouped materials on the basis of whether they are solids or liquids and then investigated oobleck to learn more about the properties of liquids and solids! It got a bit messy!
For our topic of 'Toys: How can a study of toys help us to identify changes in materials and technology?', we brought in our favourite toys to share with the class. We had a go at guessing what materials they were made from and how old they were.