Class 2 (Butterflies)

Welcome to Class 2's page!

Welcome to Class 2 - also known as Butterfly Class. This year, we are lucky enough to have  year 2, 3 and 4 children in our class. We are taught by our wonderful teacher Mrs Buckthought and Mrs Dauncey, who is a fabulously supportive teaching assistant. We have lots of fun, laughter, learning adventures and exciting opportunities to explore in our class.  We are also a very caring and friendly group of children , who look out for each other. In fact, our whole school is a caring and welcoming school -which I am sure you already know as you are a part of Werrington School.  
Have you ever wondered what life was like in the Ancient Greek time?  Do you want to know why Henry VIII had 6 wives? What do you know about bones and bodies - what other gruesome facts do you want to learn?  Do you like to get messy and mucky but also be creative with clay, pastels and modroc?  If so, then Butterfly Class is definitely the place to be! During your time in our class, these are just a few of the learning experiences you will get to enjoy.  
Mrs Buckthought, our teacher,  supports us to become confident and unique members of her class.  She loves for us to blossom and grow as individuals who enjoy leading their own learning - even if it might not be what she had planned for that day! Everything she plans helps us to develop our key learning skills of: resilience, curiosity, independence, collaboration and motivation.  These skills help us on our learning journey throughout our time at Werrington so don't worry if you don't know what they mean definitely will find out when you join us.  Oh - and guess what - Mrs Buckthought even likes it if  you make mistakes  - she says it is good to make a mistake as it helps us to learn.  So never be afraid to have a go, to try your best, be brave and get stuck in as there are so many people here to help you grow and fly as a learner. In fact, she wants you to be just like a butterfly, emerging from your chrysallis and flying free as you experience all that we have to offer at Werrington.
We love books - any type of book.  We have just finished reading The Miraculous Journey of  Edward Tulane, which we all loved and now we are getting stuck in to The Scarecrow's Servant by Phillip Pullman (we had a vote to choose this class read).  Mrs Buckthought wanted us to have a class vote as this links with our current topic about the Ancient Greeks and how they introduced the concept of democracy. However, we so loved being in charge of making a decision for ourselves that she has decided that we can have class votes for our books all year - and we are trying to persuade her to let us vote for other things in our class that matter to us.  You will find out that Mrs Buckthought will do anything she can to inspire and  motivate us as learners as that makes her love her job even more and she knows it will make us fabulous lifelong learners!

 We are now using Class Dojo to share our learning with family members. If you have a login please have a look to see what we are up to in class. 

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